What Quilters Really Want – Mothers Day & Beyond!

Helen Draper

WHAT DO QUILTERS REALLY WANT? – Mothers’ Day & Beyond!

No two quilters are the same. We come from all walks of life and our quilts are many and varied. However, besides a passion for fabric and a love of sewing, the five following things are high on the wish lists of many quilters. We’ve also offered our tips and tricks to make the list doable.  


The quilter’s curse is to find the last five minutes of sewing was wasted because the bobbin had run out. Until an endless bobbin is invented this is the cross we bear. Our solution is to buy extra bobbins and a few reels of neutral threads then invest 30 minutes filling the bobbins. So, next time the bobbin runs out a new bobbin will be ready to go – just don’t forget to refill the refills.


For many, entering a patchwork shop is a wondrous sight to behold. With wall-to-wall fabric, the experienced quilter relishes the unlimited choices. However, for the not-so-experienced, it can be daunting knowing where to begin. Fortunately, quilt stores understand this dilemma and provide numerous solutions for the beginner or time-poor quilter. Things like bundles, kits, charm squares and layer cakes are ready to go and are a great place to start. Check out the Bundles for sale online here at Berry Quilt & Co. There are also loads of precuts like jelly rolls & layer cakes right here on our website and of course in store and how about a KIT to solve all your decision based problems?!  


So much time is wasted with a machine that isn’t working properly. To avoid this, the simple solution is to ensure the machine is cleaned regularly to remove the lint. While we’re on this subject – remember to change the needle regularly. Fresh needles and a lint-free machine makes sewing less stressful. If all else fails, get the machine serviced. Your machine will thank you. Berry Quilt & Co runs quarterly SAME DAY machine servicing sessions which means that you don’t have to be without your precious baby overnight. Let everyone know that you’d like a gift voucher for Berry Quilt & Co to get your machine serviced! Here’s the link to buy a voucher from us online – Forward it you your kids and let them know you’ll need $150! That’s $130 for the service and $20 for your fabrics on the way out! 😉


Although we love the nostalgia of using the notions from grandma’s sewing basket, many of the old treasures can be exasperating to use. Dull scissors, blunt needles, rusty pins, and furry thread are frustrating. Modern-day notions like scissors, rotary cutters, fine pins, desk needle threaders, speciality threads and much more, use 21st century technology to save time and make sewing more pleasurable. If your notions are no longer as effective, consider updating them to make quilting more satisfying. Again … The Gift Vouchers could help you here too! 


For many of us, so much of our time is taken by the usual commitments of work, family, friends, shopping, cleaning, and cooking and so on. Some days the list is endless so finding time for quilting isn’t easy when there are interruptions and distractions at home. Our simple solution is to take the ‘sewing-time’ out of the house by joining a local guild, sit-and-sew group, or class. MAKE the time by committing to a class a few hours every month or week. This means your sewing will be done with the added bonus of enjoyable company. There are many classes on offer at Berry Quilt & Co. pop in and see us or check out the printable PDF class listing or scroll through the listings with more detailed descriptions & pictures at our class calendar. Head to Red Berry Quilters our local quilting group. Lots of friendship and fun to be had there, fortnightly or monthly! 

So, if your wish list appears to be more like an impossible dream, take some time to think outside the sewing box to make your quilting dreams come true. Creativity and determination is all you need. 


What we all really want is another day in the week for sewing !!

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