Quilts are Winter Warmers for Everyone!

Helen Draper

As quilters, we already know the pleasure we get from our quilts. Starting with hours of happy contemplation in choosing the design and fabric, then spending days, weeks and years of stitching and sharing quilting time with like-minded friends.

However, there are magical qualities to many quilts that quilters rarely consider, nor ever see. These qualities evoke a vast array of emotions in others as well!

Quilts are more than fabric and thread. They can be a warm hug on a cold winter’s night or can soothe the soul after a difficult day.

Happy times like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are celebrated with quilts seeing the quilt can bring back those memories. Quilts can also commemorate the sad times in a heart warming way or help us process them as we make. 

Childhood memories of snuggling under a quilt while a grandparent reads a favourite book can last a lifetime and parents can be thankful in the moment when their teens are at home by the fire enjoying the coziness of a quilt on the couch. 

Now the days are shorter and we’re staying indoors out of the wintery chill, it’s the perfect time to warm the cockles of your heart using a quilt OR make one with one of our fabulous kits. Our kits include the patterns and fabric so you can start cutting straight away and get another heirloom prepped for next winter OR this winter if you’re speedy!! 

To see our fabulous range of kits, click here.


Winter is quilting prime-time! Making and Using!!

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