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    Matilda’s Own Self-Healing Cutting Mat (22 x 16 inch)


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    Matildas Own Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mats are used for small, medium and large-sized craft or quilting projects. The side with white guidelines is designed for precision cutting, while the solid side is for general cutting. The mat makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys crafting or quilting.

    Matilda’s Own Class Cutting Mat is designed to protect your bench for use with Rotary cutters and blades of all types.

    • Size: 55x40cm (22x16in)
    • Box: 1 Mat
    • Made in Melbourne, Australia
    • Made from Recycled plastic
    • Fully recyclable
    • Great for classes when you need a mobile cutting surface

    Tips: For extended use the mat should be kept flat and stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat. This mat is not self-healing but brilliant for rotary cutters If the mat is exposed to heat and becomes soft, place it on a cool flat surface, the plastic has a memory and should/might return to it original form and not remain warped.This is the advantage of not being a multi layered mat like many competitors.



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