NEW Japan in Berry Event for Jan

Sharon Thomson

Our friends Shuji and Alison Yamazaki from Wabi-Sabi Designs are prevented from running their usual textile tours to Japan this January and we are all sadly prevented from travelling to Japan for the foreseeable future. We did a bit of creative thinking and thought we’d combine forces, try something new and bring Japan to Berry this summer. Maybe you’d like to come along with us too!

For three days we will have a display of Japanese inspired Boro stitched work by our Teacher Jennifer Corkish and her students. There will be a display of quilts made using Japanese fabric, Sashiko panels or motifs. Shuji and Alison will have their amazing stall Wabi Sabi Designs stall on site stocked with all things Japanese! Fabric, kimonos, raw materials for indigo dyeing and indigo dyeing kits and equipment.

The event will be held between the Berry Uniting Church Main Hall, across the road from the shop and our store. Over the three days of the event we will also have a great program of Japanese inspired workshops.

We have plans to hold a slide show virtual tour of Japan showing some of Shujis tours’ favourite scenes and Michelle from Nourish Cafe & Bar next door to the shop is planning a Japanese drinks evening and Japanese themed food for lunches over the weekend. So it should be a fun time.

I have ideas about how to share the event virtually if we are prevented from getting together in large groups at the time. Scroll top bottom of post for images. Click on an image to generate a slideshow. 

Classes will open for online bookings on Monday 4th of January. Click on each event below to find out more about it and to make a booking.

Friday 22nd Jan:
Boro Komebukuro Rice Bag Making – Shuji Yamazaki
$150 included instruction and complete kit.

During the class, students will learn what really “BORO” means and aspects of Japanese hand stitchings.  We will also talk about how traditional Japanese bags can be made in modern style during the class. A kit of all vintage and antique fabrics, cord and threads are included. This is a wonderful slow, creative stitching day.

Komebukuro were traditionally used in Japan to carry rice offerings to the temple during important religious ceremonies, and at other times to hold a gift destined for a dear friend or relative connected to a significant personal event. Once you learn to make the Komebukuro you could make many to hold your precious gifts as you give them away.

Friday 22nd Jan:
Hitomezashi ‘One Stitch’ Sashiko Stitching – Sharon Thomson
$120 pp includes all materials needed and a set of pattern sheets.

Learn about the clever ways to make Japanese geometric stitch designs using nothing but fabric printed with an even grid of dots and a simple running stitch. Stitching one running stitch combination on the x axis and a different combination in the y axis yields surprising and effective patterns. Turn your samples into coasters, a table runner or sash them, piece them and turn them into a quilt project.

Saturday 23rd Jan:
Two Day Indigo Dyeing Workshop – Shuji Yamazaki
$300 pp Includes all dye and fabrics.

The cost includes a kit of 1 x cotton handkerchief (45cm square), 2 x soft sarashi cotton scarf (36cm x 160cm), and 1 x linen and rayon blend scarf (45cm x 200cm). Plus 2m of PFD fabric for the second day.

No requirement list.  Just a walk  class and enjoy the workshop.  People will have free access to natural indigo vats, aprons, gloves, irons + ironing boards and resists (clamps, wood resists, PVC pipes, marbles, rubber bands, Arimatsu shibori threads, needles and scissors).

People will learn how natural indigo is made in Japan and ten or more shibori techniques.  You will also learn what you can make in your future projects (bags and quilt tops etc) with indigo dyed materials.
Please note that participants cannot bring their own materials for dyeing as we cannot guarantee the result. However, they may dye some samples on site for testing towards the end of the workshop.

Saturday 23rd Jan:
Boro Table Centre Piece or Table Runner – Jennifer Corkish

$130 pp includes Full Kit for Boro table runner

In this class you will learn Jennifer’s technique for making pieces of heavily stitched and embellished ‘boro’ fabric with the idea that you turn it into a table runner or similar. The kit will include plenty of Japanese fabric scraps, threads, needles and stabiliser to achieve Jennifer’s look. There will be plenty of inspiration around in all the displays of Japanese inspired work for you to get some idea of what to do with your boro once you’ve made it if a table runner isnt for you.

Sunday 24th Jan:
Two Day Indigo Dyeing Workshop – Shuji Yamazaki
$300 two days workshop

See description above. The class is only available as a two day class. You may attend as a one day if you like but the two day fee of $300 would still apply.

Sunday 24th Jan:
Japanese Raindrop Bag Making- Sharon Thomson
$100 includes bag pattern and supplies.

Follow along in class to make the Olympus Raindrop bag. This is a great bag to carry your latest knitting or stitching project or a great handbag. It’s nice and deep and opens wide to fit large objects but the two handles grasped together keep your contents secure. Make it from your favourite fabrics taking the opportunity to choose fun combinations of contrasting handles and linings or bring some pre stitched work to make an even more specially embellished bag.

Click on an image below to generate a slideshow. 


Join us for lots of Japanese Textile Inspiration! 

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