An Amazing Long Arm Experience
Yatta Quilting Studio

Sharon Thomson

Does your mind get blown by clever people in our industry? 

Mine does constantly!! At the end of last year, I had a quilt long arm quilted by Daneen at Yattah Quilt Studio (near Milton) and it was such an amazing experience that I’ve wanted to show it off and carry on about it publicly ever since but not had a moment until now! This quilt called A Cat in the House (because of the cute text on the sashing fabric) was made to support our Sampler Studio class with Helen Draper. A class that is all about having fun mixing and matching traditional and ‘made up’ quilt blocks. (The class still has spaces if you’re keen to make something like this!) I pieced this one by hand (even most of the sashing) making fabric decisions block by block, until I woke up to myself and put the borders on by machine (ha ha!).

But back to the quilting…! Daneen did an unbelievable job of what she calls computer-custom quilting. For this, she used her software to choose and size a different quilt pattern for each section of the quilt. She then allowed the program to stitch it out in each space. The blocks all had the same pattern stitched in each,  the sashing and borders all also had their own unique pattern, sized on the computer specially for the quilt. This method is an alternative to edge to edge, where the computer stitches the whole quilt in the same repeat pattern side to side.

It is also a more affordable option to complete freehand custom quilting, which you might choose for an heirloom applique quilt. In pure custom quilting, the quilter will freehand stitch all sections of the quilt responding uniquely to each block and space as they go. This method requires loads of time and skill and is the most expensive stye of long arming to have done. I didn’t think a Cat In The House needed that level, but I did want something a little more detailed than edge to edge, so computer-custom suited me perfectly!

Daneen’s Quilting Studio is in a big, airy, north facing sunroom attached to her home 5 mins north of Milton. A  perfect day trip for many of us in the Shoalhaven. Visiting her is a delight. She’s so keen to help you make decisions about your project, has plenty of thread colour options and a very organised booking form with a tick a box system, recording each decision so that nothing is left out and you’re on the same page when you leave.  She’s a people person, loves a chat and even bakes especially when she knows you’re coming. Brownies and tea on the garden deck are a treat!

I was astonished at the preparation that Daneen went to when planning my quilt and also the quilt that my Mum, Margaret was also having quilted. Before we even got there Daneen had a photo of Mum’s quilt and mocked up some quilting patterns on her iPad and computer software which kick-started the discussions. It was so interesting to see how hard she works before the quilt even gets on the frame. I enjoyed the process so much and my quilt turned out so brilliantly! She even quilted a cute little surprise cat motif in one of the borders and wondered if I would see it. Can you see it?? Mum was thrilled with her quilt too. Both of us wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you need a quilt quilted.

Yatta Quilt Studio – Daneen Horsefall  Contact details and more pics of work here. 

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Good quilting can really make your quilt special! 

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