Deborah Louie Free Motion Machine Quilting Lessons

Sharon Thomson

‘Quilting Between The Lines’

Have you seen the new amazing teaching program Deborah Louie has put together? I’m so excited by it that I can’t help writing a post about all the details!

It’s called ‘Quilting Between the Lines’ and is a program of domestic machine quilting based on a one inch grid! I think it’s a fabulous way for people to learn about free motion quilting in a structured and really importantly…. bite-sized way!

About the lessons and the project quilt

The series of lessons and the project quilt builds on the DVD Deb developed for Quilter’s Companion Magazine #85 in 2017 and features the use of the Full Line Stencil’s 1 inch grid stencil and pounce powder and pad.

Do you know these products? We stock the pounce pads and refill powders in white, blue or pink and a number of different stencils including the 1” grid. Call in to the shop and pick one up if you’d like to give it a go. White powder is good for dark fabrics and the pink works well on light fabrics. Blue is best for medium or patterned designs.

My experience

Deb’s ‘Quilting Between the Lines’ project really appealed to me because I’ve never really managed to get into free motion quilting. Mostly because while I can make good progress on training sample sized pieces I always feel like a whole quilt is too big. It’s such a clean slate that I never know where to begin.

And this is where the grid comes in.. Each square is only 1 inch in size so after you’ve ditched and pieced your quilt you only have to decide what to quilt inch by inch! I really feel like learning this way could warm me up for more ambitious free motion quilting projects.


Deb’s ‘Quilting Between the Lines’ project really appealed to me because I’ve never really managed to get into free motion quilting.

Learn with Deb

Deb is teaching this technique now in her Tuesday once a month and her Saturday once a month classes at Berry Quilt & Co. I’m loving seeing the girls’ progress!

Don’t despair though… If you’re not near Berry and can’t get to classes, keep your eye on Deborah Louie’s wonderful online learning platform and website. ‘Quilting Between the Lines’ will become an online class there very soon in sure.

More fabulous designs and patterns

And because I can’t help myself below are some more details of the fabulous quilting designs and patterns!  

Monthly classes with Deb at Berry Quilt & Co.

Don’t forget we run two monthly classes with Deborah Louie where you can learn these amazing techniques and much more! The classes are available for one off visits (subject to availability) if you can’t commit to the full year.

Click through to our class listing and check the dates. Then click through to Deb’s class details to have look at the other projects on offer with Deborah Louie at Berry Quilt & Co. Or pop in to the shop to chat to us about the classes any day but Tuesdays!

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