Mostly Modern Monday

Sharon Thomson

We love Modern Quilting and have a sit and sew group dedicated to the theme. This is our fabulous and fun Mostly Modern Monday. This Sit and Sew Group meets at 10am – 3pm on the Second Monday of each Month. (Unless it is a Public Holiday. We don’t meet then as the shop is closed.)  This is our calendar listing for MMM (as we affectionately call it) in 2021. Each year our calendar is updated for the coming year in January. 

A super fun, fast and lively sit and sew group for young and young-at-heart modern makers. It is a happy sit & sew celebrating all things ‘Modern’: modern fabrics, designers, quilts and shows. Many of the regulars are members of the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild but we have many a modern quilter visit us from near and far on this day! So if you are a MQG member please call in! We’d love a visit or sit and sew with us for the day and hear about what you’re making, what you like and what you’ve been reading or looking at! 

This group is ONLY open to any paid up member of a Modern Quilt Guild either in Australia such as the Wollongong, Sydney or Canberra Modern Quilt Guilds or The Modern Quilt Guild in the USA

We are the home of the Instagram hashtag #mostlymodernmonday . If you can’t make it to Berry join in on the second Monday of the month with us all using the phrase ‘Joining in with the girls @berryquiltandco on #mostlymodernmonday’ on your post so we see you!

It’s not a formal class with tuition, just a fun social group celebrating and making all things modern. Occasionally we will have a speaker, show and tell or a challenge. 

Cost is usually $20 per person per session includes morning tea and all day tea and coffee. Bookings are necessary by phone due to space limitations in the classroom. ph 4464 3387 

Click on an image below to open them up full size and generate a gallery to scroll through.  


Solid colours, minimal design and improvised composition amongst others can all be features of modern quilting. 

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