Zen Chic Lazy Afternoon Moda Layer Cake


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    Imagine the luxury of having an afternoon just for yourself. You are in your garden, swinging in your hammock, enjoying the sun, doing what you love to do. It’s just you, and you have time to stitch or knit a bit. The lovely scent of a pear tree beckons, and you take a bite from a perfect fruit. This is the feeling that inspired Lazy Afternoon. A chilled vibe and retro color scheme of mustard, bright red, and just a bit of light aqua, give this collection a young, fresh look. Pears, playful balls of yarn, and bi-colored knitting needles mix with geometrics and a multitude of dots to complete the collection.

    A Moda Layer Cake includes 42 x 10 inch squares, all cut with a pinked edge, ready to sew together. Many layer cakes have 42 unique prints, allowing you to make a project with a scrappy but with coordinating colours. Occasionally, when the range is smaller than 42 fabrics there will be some duplicated prints.

    If you would like more than the quantity listed in stock here, give us a call we may have more stock in our store. (02) 4464 3387

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