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    We are pleased to carry the Sue Spargo Ellana wool applique thread in all 60 colours.

    We love this thread because it matches the Sue Spargo Felted Wool colours exactly. Because it matches the felt exactly (it is dyed wit the same dyes), you can use it to invisibly stitch your wool felt appliquŽ pieces down by hand or machine. You can use Ellana for crewel work or use it in place of cotton Perle 8 to get a more textured effect in your embroidery project.

    Years of product development and research by Wonderfil, along with Sue’s expertise every step of the way, has created what is to be the finest wool applique thread available on the market. Engineered and finished to the highest quality standard, Ellana is extremely user friendly and the perfect wool thread for both hand applique and machine work. Ellana is fray resistant, contains significantly less fuzz, and possesses unparalleled smoothness. It has high strength as well as superb softness.

    The thread is 12wt (28/2), 50% Merino Wool/ 50% Acrylic on a 70 yard spool (63 metre spool). Use it with a #24 chenille needle to stitch by hand and a #90 or #100 topstitch needle in the machine. Or you could experiment with winding it onto the bobbin and stitching your work upside down if your machine prefers to manage thicker threads that way. Happy Sewing!

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