Ruby Star Lil Moda Layer Cake


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    Lil is another charming fabric collection by Kimberly Kight for Ruby Star Society. There are so many elements to fussy cut and enjoy in Big Apple and there’s also a semi- cheater cloth to enjoy.  Most of all though we are looking forward to all of those dainty florals and vintage-style stripes.  We can’t get enough of them!  If you loved the Smol collection, well get ready for Lil.

    A Moda Layer Cake includes 42 x 10 inch squares, all cut with a pinked edge, ready to sew together. Many layer cakes have 42 unique prints, allowing you to make a project with a scrappy but with coordinating colours. Occasionally, when the range is smaller than 42 fabrics there will be some duplicated prints. Interestingly this Ruby Star Layer cake is presented in a roll rather than flat. Bit it is still the same 42 x 10inch squares. 

    If you would like more than the quantity listed in stock here, give us a call we may have more stock in our store. (02) 4464 3387

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