Helen Draper ‘Feeling Groovy’ Quilt Kit


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This kit is for the wonderful and very popular Feeling Groovy Quilt by Helen Draper measuring 58 x 58 inches (147cm x 147cm). The kit includes all the fabric, in this case prediminantly Kaffe Fasset fabrics you need to make the quilt top including the peeper.

The kit does NOT contain the same fabrics as the original quilt and does NOT contain the fabrics pictured above but has been chosen by Helen Draper, who teaches twice monthly at Berry Quilt & Co, to replicate the exuberant and bright colours and feel of the original quilt. 

The kit also includes the pattern and the acrylic templates for tracing or rotary cutting your pieces. The pattern by Helen Draper can be used to make the quilt by machine or by hand piecing. Does not include the binding or backing. Finished Size of the quilt is 147cm x 147cm ( 58 x 58 inches)

NOTE: We always carry kits to make the Feeling Groovy Quilt. The fabrics chosen are always different and always reflect the scrappy, exuberant 60s vibe of the original quilt but this listing is NOT for the actual fabrics pictured above. If you purchase from the website here, you are purchasing a kit sight unseen and are trusting us to have chosen something for you. We can’t take refunds or exchanges if you end up not liking what we send. However, if you’d like to see a picture of the fabrics in our current kits, we totally understand and we would be delighted to organise to SMS you a picture and go from there. ph 4464 3387. 

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