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    1.5 inch Widemouth Slider Black


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    Sliders are used for adjustable straps, allowing you to adjust the length of a strap to fit the person carrying the purse or bag. The slider helps hold the strap together. In this package you get one (1) 1.5 inch sliders in the matte black style. Our hardware is beautifully finished, not simply die cast or bent wire. This results in smooth lines, no rough edges and a truly high quality look and feel. You’ll love how it embellishes your bag. Every 1.5 inch hardware piece has a 1.5 inch opening for attaching strapping. We recommend covering the strapping with a coordinating fabric in order to make a truly custom look for your project. All relevant patterns include instructions for how to do this and use your fabric efficiently. 

    Note: The listing photograph shows two sliders but this listing is for ONE only. Most bags only require one slider to adjust their straps but if you are making a backpack or similar where there are two straps you will need to purchase two. 

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