We love Passionflower by Anna Maria Horner

It is always exciting when new fabric arrives! But sometimes ranges resonate with us more than others. I particularly love the recently arrived Passionflower by Anna Maria Horner for FreeSpirit Fabrics.

I was discussing this with our fabulous teacher Lisa Johnson recently as we put all the bolts away after a particularly busy afternoon. We were trying to decide which was our favourite range,  Passionflower or the one before Sweet Dreams. It’s hard to pick one over the other of course because Anna Maria’s ranges of fabric for FreeSpirit Fabrics have been so incredibly clever and successful.

But yes I do like Passionflower better. Why is it?? Well if you know me, you can probably guess.. It’s because of all the lovely rich jades and emerald greens. To me, this range has the lushness of a soft shady space in the middle of a wild garden. The grass is green, velvety, soft and cool underfoot. The air is full of exotic scents, butterflies , falling blossoms and dappled sunlight. Colourful blossoms are everywhere. Those that catch the light are bright and luminous. Those in the shade are mysterious secret keepers. 

My favourite fabric of the range is Keys in Kick. They say that blue and green should never be seen!! This particular combo of Emerald, jade and royal blue, however, is perfect. The other notables are the Belonging stripes. In three colourways, its impossible to pick a favourite. In these prints the stripes cleverly face all different directions, perfect for a tricky quilt back or border like Anna has done below.

Last but not least, I love the Impostor print in the Patina colourway. Of course it’s all because of those lovely Jades and greens, set off to their best advantage by the lime dots and bright, bright peach and crimson flowers. I’ve cut myself a BIG fat bundle of all of these but now.. WHAT to make… and more importantly WHEN can I make it?! What are you going to make? Make sure you come in and show us when you have!!


In Anna’s Garden, colourful blossoms are everywhere. Those that catch the light are bright and luminous. Those in the shade are mysterious secret keepers.

Too much amazingness always from Anna Maria. It’s just so inspiring! Charlotte and I were very lucky to participate in a shop owner’s training in Bowral in June, That’s where we got to learn and be inspired by Anna Maria Horner and see many of her quilts and techniques in person. Lucky us!

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