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    Mixing Quilt Elements: A Modern Look at Colour Style and Design 

    Discover your boundless potential as a quilter with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession. Learn to express yourself with creative, adventurous designs, all made achievable through step-by-step instructions. Shake up your approach with techniques you might not have tried, like English paper piecing, raw-edge machine applique, and improvisational piecing. With each chapter, Kathy gives a glimpse into her eclectic fabric pairings and signature style, empowering you to develop your own voice as a quilter.

    Kathy’s books are timeless. All of them contain tips and tricks to develop your fabric choices regardless of what is in your quilt store at any time. Work through the books and build your skills in fabric choice and composition by working through teh individual projects or just dive in and soak up the approach!  

    Other Books By Kathy Doughty Available Here:

    Organic Appliqué: Creative Hand Stitching Ideas and Techniques  – 2019

    Mixing Quilt Elements: A Modern look at Colour Style and Design – 2016  

    Adding Layers: Colour, Design and Imagination – 2014



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