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    Spoil someone with a Berry Quilt & Co. gift voucher to spend either in our online shop or in our Berry store. Have it emailed to you as a PDF that you can forward to the recipient on the big day OR download, print and gift wrap yourself. You can also have the voucher emailed directly to the recipient (see how to below). If you would prefer us to print and send the voucher in a beautiful gift box, you can click here to purchase a posted voucher instead.

    How to have the voucher emailed to YOU ONLY: Choose your amount from the drop down. Fill out the gift recipients name the top box above. This will print out on the voucher. Fill in YOUR email in the next box that says ‘Recipient Email‘. This means the PDF will come to you to manage giving away how and when suites you. Fill in your message to the recipient which will be printed automatically on the voucher. Leave this box blank or short if you’d like to handwrite your own message on the voucher. There will be plenty of room for this. 

    How to have the voucher emailed to your RECIPIENT DIRECTLY: Choose your amount from the drop down. Then fill out all the boxes above. The name and your message will print out automatically on the voucher PDF that is emailed directly to your recipient. Enter THEIR email address in the box that says ‘Recipient Email‘. once the sale is completed you and your recipient will receive an email announcing the gift and attaching the Gift Voucher PDF. This happens within a few minutes and works automatically 24/7 -so if it is for a surprise you don’t want to ruin – do it ON the actual day.

    You can also check how the voucher will look by clicking ‘Preview voucher’. Please note the Preview does not show your chosen voucher amount; this will be applied to the voucher after purchase.

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