COVID-19 UPDATE 16/3/2020

Sharon Thomson

Hi Everyone,

We thought you might like to know how things stand with the COVID-19 Virus and our retail business and classes. At present, we are operating our shop and classes as usual. However, we do ask that anyone with a temperature, cold or flu symptoms be cautious and stay away from class and the shop. Of course, as it’s unusual circumstances, we will credit you if you can’t come in to class for that reason during this time but we ask that you let us know as usual by phone ph 4464 3387.

In the store, we will be taking extra precautions around hand washing and the sanitising of surfaces including our cups and utensils, eftpos machine, counter area, and bathroom, including providing single use paper towel for hand drying.  We will continue to offer refreshments in class on a self-serve basis at your own discretion. We suggest anyone uncomfortable with using shared cups and utensils and using the common kitchen area, please bring your own refreshments. Also sadly we will be cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces but we do not have hand sanitiser to offer you to use. Hand Sanitiser will need to be BYO if you’d like to use it. 

It is impossible to control what people touch in the store and lets face it, it is a touchy feely place. So if you touch anything I suggest you make sure you wash hands or sanitise before touching your face or as suits you level of vigilance & concern. 

We will make regular updates here and on our social media pages if anything changes or is cancelled. If you are concerned about a class you have signed up for, you can assume at the moment that it is going ahead unless you hear from us other wise. \

We will of course heed any government warnings or stipulations if they arise, 

We hope you can all stay safe & alert but not alarmed

Sharon, Carol, Charlotte, Lisa & Sue


We hope you can stay safe & well!  

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